2012 Executive of the Year Awards Winners

  • Executive Awards Judge Ian Audsley

    Ian Audsley

    CEO of Prime Media Group

    Under Ian’s leadership, Prime Media Group have become one of the best-performing companies in the industry, and have outperformed both the market and its peers.

  • Executive Awards Judge Ian Lynass

    Ian Lynass

    CEO of Bis Industries

    Ian has delivered exceptional results for Bis Industries, while placing a huge emphasis on the true value of employees.

  • Executive Awards Judge Radek Sali

    Radek Sali

    CEO of Swisse Vitamins

    Radek has been instrumental in the rise of Swisse Vitamins as of one the leading companies in the health and pharmaceutical sector.

  • Executive Awards Judge Mark Brayan

    Mark Brayan

    CEO of Integrated Research

    Mark has demonstrated a clear understanding of what is required to run a successful global business from our shores, with his unwavering commitment to Integrated Research resulting in exceptional results over the past 12 months.

  • Executive Awards Judge Stephen Ellich

    Stephen Ellich

    Executive General Manager of Service Stream

    Stephen has been instrumental in winning numerous vital contracts for Service Stream, and has delivered undeniable success over the past 12 months in difficult financial conditions.

  • Executive Awards Judge Nigel Clark

    Nigel Clark

    Managing Director of Momentum Energy

    Nigel is ethically driving growth while promoting a sustainable product in an industry that attracts more bad press than any other in Australia.

  • Executive Awards Judge Tim Tape

    Tim Tape

    State Manager (SA) of Watpac Construction

    Tim has built his own team of construction professionals from scratch, and Watpac Constructions now have a stable and growing business platform.

  • Executive Awards Judge Tony Karadaglis

    Tony Karadaglis

    General Manager (WA) of Webforge

    Under Tony’s leadership, Webforge have re-alined their manufacturing operations in order to meet the changing manufacturing environment head on.

  • Executive Awards Judge Scott Meneilly

    Scott Meneilly

    COO and CEO of Retail Zoo and Boost Juice Bars

    Scott has had no formal business training and his success at both Retail Zoo and Boost Juice comes down to his brilliant attitude and a simple, yet effective, approach to leadership.

  • Executive Awards Judge Theresa Mason

    Theresa Mason

    Head of Sales and Marketing of Teachers Mutual Bank

    Theresa has been fundamental in transforming Teachers Mutual Bank and has spearheaded changes to a 45-year-old financial institution.

  • Executive Awards Judge Ben Kinnaird

    Ben Kinnaird

    State Sales Manager (NSW & QLD) of Reebok Australia

    Ben has developed innovative sporting-retail strategies in the past year, during which he has achieved a number of significant milestones including the sponsorship of the television show The Biggest Loser.

  • Executive Awards Judge Matt Lucas

    Matt Lucas

    General Manager of

    Tasked with both international and domestic expansion, Matt’s role involves regular travel to Europe, Asia, South America and the US, where he has led several major projects.

  • Executive Awards Judge John Winning

    John Winning

    CEO of Winning Group

    At the age of 21, John took out a loan of $50,000 and started his own online business. Against all odds, John built Winning Group up to become a successful, nationally recognised business.

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    Executive Awards Judge John DeLano

    John DeLano

    CEO and Managing Director of Flexigroup

    Since John joined the company in 2003, customers have increased from 120,000 to 1.2 million due to a number of factors, including more sources of business.

  • Executive Awards Judge Radek Sali

    Radek Sali

    CEO of Swisse Vitamins

    During Radek’s tenure as CEO, he has implemented a dynamic marketing strategy that has helped deliver unparalleled growth in Australia.

  • Executive Awards Judge Gilman Wong

    Gilman Wong

    CEO of Sirtex Medical

    As CEO of the company, Gilman leads a diverse global workforce with the primary aim of providing hope and enhancing lives worldwide for people suffering from liver cancer.