2013 Executive of the Year Awards Winners

2013 marked the second year of The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards—an opportunity for Australia’s top business executives to celebrate their year of achievements and successes.

Finalists were greeted on the red carpet by a harpist plucking angelic tunes and by wait-staff offering champagne and canapés. The air was relaxed despite the black-tie attire and the calibre of professionals present. Host Eddie McGuire kicked off the evening’s proceedings and announced the winners…

  • Executive Awards Judge Greg Ellis

    Greg Ellis

    CEO and Managing Director of REA Group

    Greg Ellis was chosen for his commitment to financial and operational excellence as well as creating an organisation where employees are aligned to a company’s purpose.

  • Executive Awards Judge Richard Thame

    Richard Thame

    CEO of Fastway Couriers

    Since joining the company in 2009, Richard has demonstrated initiative by driving a new focus on online retailing and technology with the goal of pushing Fastway Couriers to number two in the Australian market by 2015.

  • Executive Awards Judge Barry Thomas

    Barry Thomas

    Director Asia Pacific of Cook Medical

    Cook Medical has shown exceptional growth and results over the past year, with Barry playing a key role in its rise to become one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Executive Awards Judge Nick Verykios

    Nick Verykios

    Managing Director of Distribution Central

    Nick Verykios delivered exceptional results for Distribution Central, while placing huge emphasis on the true value of employees with a result of being ranked in BRW’s 50 Best Places to Work.

  • Executive Awards Judge David Scribner

    David Scribner

    Chief Executive of Virgin Mobile

    Under David’s leadership, Virgin Mobile has transformed from a low-priced, low-profit mobile virtual network operator to a credible alternative to the top-three mobile providers.

  • Executive Awards Judge Kevin Gallagher

    Kevin Gallagher

    CEO of Clough

    The energy and resources sector has experienced a downturn in the past year, but, while many competitors struggled, Clough has achieved unprecedented success through the leadership of Kevin.

  • Executive Awards Judge Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    CEO of Taylor

    Taylor has won numerous major projects and has firmly become a tier-two construction group. The company can be extremely proud to have Mark as its leader.

  • Executive Awards Judge David Waldron

    David Waldron

    Managing Director of MacDonald Johnston

    David saved MacDonald Johnston from declining profitability and transformed the company into a world leader while still taking the time to invest in his staff.

  • Executive Awards Judge John Winning

    John Winning

    CEO of Winning Group

    Over the past 12 months, under John’s leadership, Winning Group has achieved outstanding success as well as pioneering the way for new retail experiences in Australia, both online and offline.

  • Executive Awards Judge Robyn Petrou

    Robyn Petrou

    CEO of Energy Super

    Robyn Petrou, who has a wealth of experience over her 23 years in the industry, and has been fundamental to the success of engaging and retaining members

  • Executive Awards Judge Tennille Younger

    Tennille Younger

    Executive Assistant of Sussan Corporation

    Tennille is an integral part of the team within the executive team and also part of the head office team.

  • Executive Awards Judge Stuart Cook

    Stuart Cook

    CEO of Zambrero

    After being appointed the CEO of Zambrero just before his twenty-fourth birthday, Stuart has led the company to more than 600-per-cent growth.

  • Executive Awards Judge Melina Schamroth

    Melina Schamroth

    Founder and CEO of m.a.d.woman

    In the past couple of years, under Melina’s Leadership, m.a.d.woman’s achievements include cooking more than 70,000 meals for hungry and homeless Australians.

  • Executive Awards Judge Arthur Charlaftis

    Arthur Charlaftis

    General Manager of Sales and Marketing of REA Group

    Under Arthur’s leadership the REA Group has developed a structured go-to-market approach that includes collaborative product development, extensive in-market testing, and field-force input while the product is still being built.

  • Executive Awards Judge Allan Collins

    Allan Collins

    Chief Marketing Officer of Domino's Pizza Enterprises

    Allan has busted fast-food industry myths, spearheaded the company’s most successful product launch in the past 20 years, and has transformed Domino’s into Australia’s most sophisticated online and digital retailer.

  • Executive Awards Judge Geraldine Leslie

    Geraldine Leslie

    General Manager of People and Safety of SP AusNet

    As head of the safety function in a regionally distributed and labour-intensive business, Geraldine has introduced and led a safety strategy resulting in an annual 31-per-cent reduction in the recordable injury-frequency rate.

  • Executive Awards Judge Sue Palmer

    Sue Palmer

    CFO of Thiess

    After one of Thiess’s worst financial years, Sue was able to return the company to profitability and restore industry and shareholder confidence in just one year.

  • Executive Awards Judge Georgina Rinehart

    Georgina Rinehart

    Chairman of Hancock Prospecting

    Known to most as Gina Rinehart, her chairmanship has been well demonstrated not only on a local scale but also globally.

  • Executive Awards Judge Greg Ellis

    Greg Ellis

    Managing Director of REA Group

    Under Greg’s leadership, The REA Group has grown from a market capitalisation of around $600 million, when he joined in September 2008, to $5 billion today.

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    Executive Awards Judge Alex Malley

    Alex Malley

    CEO of CPA Australia

    Under Alex’s leadership, CPA Australia was this year recognised as the third-largest accounting body by revenue size globally

  • Executive Awards Judge Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    CEO of Taylor

    Mark has led the company through a period of change that has resulted in Taylor becoming firmly established as a tier-two construction group.

  • Executive Awards Judge Kevin Gallagher

    Kevin Gallagher

    CEO of Clough

    As CEO, Kevin embarked on a strategic joint venture with Coens, of Korea, providing an independent commissioning service to the world’s largest fabrication yards in Korea and China.