2016 Executive of the Year Awards Winners

Twilight was slowly setting in as more than 500 well-dressed guests filed into the Grand Ballroom at the Four Points by Sheraton in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. The air was buzzing with anticipation, everyone excited to find out who would be crowned with the highly coveted title of CEO of the Year, as well as the winners of the other 23 award categories.

  • Executive Awards Judge Stephen Cornelissen

    Stephen Cornelissen

    Group CEO of Mercy Health

    As well as being passionate about innovation and research, this CEO champions social equality and is an advocate for equal pay. ey strive do the absolute best for their people and the community that they serve.
    A big success, with a big heart.

  • Executive Awards Judge Christine Holgate

    Christine Holgate

    CEO of Blackmores

    This CEO has transformed the business, achieving enormous growth via new markets and new products, while still delivering strong returns for their shareholders.

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    Executive Awards Judge Nigel Garrard

    Nigel Garrard

    CEO & MD of Orora

    Innovate to lead, enhance the core, and invest to grow are the three strategic priorities driving this dynamic CEO on their mission to help its industry continue to thrive in Australia.

  • Executive Awards Judge Nathan Cheong

    Nathan Cheong

    MD of BioCeuticals

    This managing director delivered double digit top line growth and ensured long-term success via investing heavily in research, education and new markets.

    Dave Fenlon, accepting the award on behalf of Nathan Cheong.

  • Executive Awards Judge Karen Stocks

    Karen Stocks

    former MD of Twitter Australia

    This MD’s focus has always been on strong connections, with their team, their customers and the community. They are rightfully proud of enabling global movements of unity and strength.

  • Executive Awards Judge Tina West

    Tina West

    Chairperson of Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council

    This person has to manage the interests of many stakeholders within very tight legislation. ey do this by supplying detailed policies, sitting on all sub-committees and acting with extraordinary drive and passion.

  • Executive Awards Judge Rod Douglas

    Rod Douglas

    Chairperson of Mr Rental

    A positive in uence in their industry, this person champions the professional chairperson role. roughout their career they have enabled businesses to centralise revenues and control, and have implemented and lead various successful strategies.

  • Executive Awards Judge Michael Harvey

    Michael Harvey

    COO & CFO of Australian Radio Network

    This person’s success stems from a passion to see the company grow and consolidate its position as a market leader. They are recognised tonight for their ability to balance leadership, creative vision and operations, with sound nancial strategy.

  • Executive Awards Judge Aaron Canning

    Aaron Canning

    CFO of Blackmores

    For this CFO, the past 12 months were all about delivering on improvment initiatives, assessing and making acquistion recommendations, and deepening the nancial capabilities within the team.

  • Executive Awards Judge William Confalonier

    William Confalonier

    Chief Digital Officer, CIO & VP of Deakin University

    This person’s achievements in successfully leading a complex digital transformation of the business and repositioning it as a digital leader in the sector have turned the heads of global digital heavyweights.

  • Executive Awards Judge Simon Raik-Allen

    Simon Raik-Allen

    Chief Technical Advisor of MYOB

    Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business, this executive has researched and overseen the implementation of numerous innovative processes.

  • Executive Awards Judge Linda Redfearn

    Linda Redfearn

    Head of HR of Blackmores

    This person has been instrumental in maintaining extremely high engagement levels among staff and a low turnover rate, while the company has grown exponentially over the past few years.

  • Executive Awards Judge John Arnott

    John Arnott

    Executive Director Customer of ING Direct

    For this person, last year was all about helping their company to transition towards being an advocacy-led organisation, and they achieved great results by investing the marketing budget carefully to generate positive returns.

  • Executive Awards Judge Suzy Nicoletti

    Suzy Nicoletti

    Head of Online Sales (now Managing Director) of Twitter

    This executive has played a critical role in creating and maintaining a cross-functional sales team that provides exceptional customer service.

  • Executive Awards Judge David Rohrsheim

    David Rohrsheim

    General Manager ANZ of Uber

    The scope of this young executive’s role has expanded dramatically in the last few years and they have gone on to inspire a bevy of leaders to act courageously and take risks in their own roles.

  • Executive Awards Judge Lincoln Easton

    Lincoln Easton

    CEO of

    This person is passionate about the cause to introduce productivity-enhancing technology to workplaces, and, as a result, spearheaded a multi-tier sales system to target numerous and diverse customer demographics.

  • Executive Awards Judge Anne Bryce

    Anne Bryce

    CEO of Achieve Australia

    Last year was a challenging time for the not-for-profit sector; however, thanks to a management restructure, new strategic plan and an reinvigorated workplace culture this person was able to meet the diffculties head on.

  • Executive Awards Judge Larissa Auditore

    Larissa Auditore

    EA to CEO & MD of Insurance and Care NSW

    Having established a network to foster professional development and mentoring for others in their field, this person has strong experience and a positive outlook in the face of technological change.

  • Executive Awards Judge Marne Fechner

    Marne Fechner

    CEO Netball World Cup 2015 of Netball Australia

    This passionate CEO successfully executed a professional series of events while inspiring others with their leadership, commitment and capability.

  • Executive Awards Judge Murray Hunter

    Murray Hunter

    Founder of Design + Industry

    We have a tie. There are two very deserving winners of this award in 2016: A high achiever who has increased influence, their firm’s capabilities and broadened horizons internationally.

  • Executive Awards Judge Tim Orton

    Tim Orton

    MD of Nous Group

    We have a tie. There are two very deserving winners of this award in 2016: A creative mastermind who has grown their consultancy into the largest and most awarded in Australia.
    Greg Joffe, accepting the award on behalf of Tim Orton

  • Executive Awards Judge Greg O’Neill

    Greg O’Neill

    President & CEO of La Trobe Financial

    This strong leader successfully guided a company post-GFC, ensured customers maintained trust and confidence in financial services and supports staff and team members to think outside the box.
    Martin Barry, accepting the award on behalf of Greg O’Neill

  • Executive Awards Judge Karin Sheppard

    Karin Sheppard

    COO Australasia & Japan of IHG

    This executive has international experience across a variety of industries. Today they are dedicated to growing the hospitality and tourism sector both at home and abroad, and are proud to be working in a company that fosters an open culture of discussion.

  • Executive Awards Judge Dhruv Deepak Saxena

    Dhruv Deepak Saxena

    MD of Riverina Oils & Bio Energy

    This inspiring individual is behind one of the largest value-added agricultural investments in NSW and Australia more broadly.


  • Executive Awards Judge Nigel Garrard

    Nigel Garrard

    CEO & MD of Orora

    This customer-focused executive is embracing technology and innovation while also promoting manufacturing here in Australia, and future-proofing ng the industry for years to come.

  • Executive Awards Judge Danny Assabgy

    Danny Assabgy

    CEO of Hudson Homes

    This competitive forward thinker engages with local communities to create high-quality and demographically-suited products. Under this person’s guidance, their company has experienced significant growth.

  • Executive Awards Judge Stephen Cornelissen

    Stephen Cornelissen

    Group CEO of Mercy Health

    This passionate executive leads a diverse team who tirelessly advocate for advances in their sector.

  • Executive Awards Judge Tim Reed

    Tim Reed

    CEO of MYOB

    This individual is dynamic and high achieving. Focussed on innovation, the success of their business also ensures the success of various businesses across Australasia.

  • Executive Awards Judge Gary Edstein

    Gary Edstein

    CEO Oceania of DHL Express

    This executive works tirelessly to develop their greatest assets; their employees. With a focus on operational excellence, they have overseen their company through a period of tremendous growth.

  • Executive Awards Judge John Winning

    John Winning

    CEO of Winning Group

    This executive has really pushed the boundaries when it comes to setting the benchmark for customer service, ensuring that the end-to-end and post sales experiences bring record numbers of customers to the business.

  • Executive Awards Judge Jason Dooris

    Jason Dooris

    CEO of Atomic 212° Group

    This CEO has led their company to become one of the largest independent media agencies in Australia. They have significantly raised company revenue, improved the staff retention rate, and pushed for gender equality in
    the workplace.